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React Native iOS & Android App

Innovating the dental booking procedure.

12 weeks
UX/UI Design
React Native Development
Project Management
QA testing
The Challenge

The challenge was to solve the time consuming process of booking and attending a dental appointment. To streamline this process the development of two applications was needed, one for dental practices and one for patients. This would allow for a quick, contactless patient journey, minimising the patients time spent in waiting rooms and providing a safe and hygienic service, modernising the existing process.

Our Role

Automation Squared has taken the two products from concept to production to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for both dental practices and patients. Through a thorough design and discovery phase, high fidelity designs and user flows were created. The client pre-provided us with brand guidelines that we were required to follow. Rapid iterations of the design and development enabled us to produce a product for market beta testing to de-risk and validate the concept before further development.

Our Deliverables

Our Deliverables

React Development
User Research
Project Management
User Flows
UI Design
Usability Testing

MVP App Features

App Features

Create Practices

Dentistry practices can setup, manage bookings and staff of their surgeries.

Create Appointments

Create appointments, select the staff member and appointment time. Send this directly to your patient's own app - hassle-free.

Check-in Notifications

Practices receive notifications when the patient arrives at the practice, checks in and is ready for their appointment.

Receive Appointment

Patients receive appointments via email and are instructed on how to install the application. Any future appointments are notified directly to the users device.

Appointment Notification Updates

Patients are notified by their practice if their dentist is running late or behind schedule. Declutter waiting rooms, increase convenience and ensure social distancing for your patients.

Check-in via App

Patients can check-in to their appointment from the app notifying their dentist to call them through to the surgery room. This is the frictionless and contactless dentistry patient experience.

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