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React Native iOS & Android

An innovative and fun mobile application designed to help raise more awareness about our individual contributions to climate change, and what steps we might take to reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainability & Environment
8 Weeks
UX/UI Design
Illustration Design
Native Development
QA testing
The Challenge

How to create an engaging experience that challenged people to think about how their behaviours impacted the environment. A key requirement for users was the ability to create multiple "cases" against defendants in a fictitious court room hosting a panel of "Climate Judges". The user needed to be able to test the defendant with a series of questions, receive the result and share this result with others to spread urgency on the impact on the planet we are having.

Our Role

Automation Squared worked with the client to define the scope of the application, outline features and design a fun and enjoyable experience for users. We then engineered the app into a React-Native application ready for app store release within 4 weeks.

Our Deliverables

Our Deliverables

User Flows
UI & UX Design
React Native Development
Project Management
UAT Testing

User Experience

Efficient Design

Our Design & Discovery team worked closely with the client to define the product vision and objectives. Following this user stories were written that encapsulated the scope of the features for the app and translated both the goals of the business and the user into statements that allowed the design team to map out a user journey. Once the requirements were understood, the UX design team worked iteratively to build out the user flow of screens that the users would pass through in order to reach their end-goal. The flow was tested and iterated on to minimise the number of steps required in the app and to reduce the development cost for the MVP.


UI Design

From Wireframes to Visual Design

Once the User Flow was tested and approved, the design team got to work experimenting with the visual design language of the app. The team created mood-boards that represented the brand and used these to create variations in the design of the app. The chosen design language was presented as four "key screens" to the client which demonstrated the direction the design team was taking with the product. Following this the design system of components was created for the app which allowed the visual design of all the screens and states to be created for the application. The team involved the client at all stages using our collaboration tool "Zeplin".



Bringing the designs to life.

The app was engineered across both iOS and Android simultaneously using the React-Native development framework and a Firebase back-end. Implementation of features such as "one-tap" sharing, to allow users to share the results of each "case" with others through social media or instant messaging services. Weekly builds enabled the client to easily interact and track progress. Following this we worked with the client to steer the entire App Store approval process from start to finish.

App Features

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