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React Web & Native App

Breathe Rota takes the hassle out of rota planning for any SME business, giving you all the features you and your people need to manage shifts.

HR & Employment
4 Months - Web App
3 Months - Mobile Native App
End to End Design
React Development
React Native iOS & Android
Project Management
The Challenge

The challenge was to develop an application for industries requiring an effective shift management tool. There needed to be the ability to create planners and workers of various role types working shifts in different locations. This was required to be seen by all user types in one place.

Our Role

Automation Squared's role, through the use of a Kanban style of project management, began as an initial design and discovery phase in which user flows were created to map out the desired user journey. The full design for both the web app and the mobile native app were created following the clients design language. React development was used to take the product from concept to production in just four months for the web app, using rapid weekly iterations.

Our Deliverables

React Development
User Research
Project Management
User Flows
UI Design
Usability Testing

How it works

Breathe Rota enables you to make the shift from spreadsheets and wall charts to enable the streamlining of shift-planning and rota distribution. Breathe Rota is built, designed and optimised for time-pressured SME's.  You can create and share rotas with your team using this simple, effective and easy-to-use tool.
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Web App Features

Submit Time Off
Calendar View
Modify Profiles
Create ad-hoc Shifts
Manage Teams

React Native
Mobile App


User Flow

Seamless User Experience

Breathe HR approached us in Spring 2020 with a requirement to create a mobile-first companion app to the the existing 'Rota' web app we had developed. Our Design and Discovery Team worked to understand the priorities of not only the business but the latent needs of the end-users. Our designers worked on an iterative model of constructing user flows through to designing wireframes. Our main task was to streamline the process of a staff member receiving and accepting new shift requests.


Visual Design

From User Flows to Visuals

After finalising, testing and validating the userflow's, the design team began ideating concepts for the layout of the UI. The team worked through skeleton wireframes to establish the design layout, ensure accessibility and test ideas. The chosen wireframes were designed out into four "key-screens" utilising the design language from the Rota Web-app we had worked on previously. Once the client was happy with the direction of the designs, the design team got to work building out the full supply of UI screens.



Bringing the designs to life.

Once the full supply of designs were finalised and signed off by the client - Our development team got to work. The app was developed using React Native. React Native is a JavaScript mobile app development library that enables developers to write one codebase and deploy to both iOS and Android mobile devices. Using React Native, it meant our team could build the Rota app for both iOS and Android in less than 12 weeks ready for market launch.

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