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July 30, 2021
The Future of Video Is In Pieces
In this article we look at the future of video and how companies can harness shorter, more relevant content to create engagement, to educate and excite their audiences.
June 30, 2021
Capitalise on today’s opportunity, pivot to mitigate disruption
In 1994 Harvard business review wrote an article about the importance to companies of being be nimble, agile and able to adapt to new market opportunities more quickly.
April 26, 2021
Pet Project
Pandemic-spurred loneliness and new-found time at home has supercharged the pet market. With experts predicting a welfare crisis, how can technology play a role in helping both new, and well-seasoned pet parents care, nourish and enjoy their pet pals?
March 17, 2021
Getting Pro-active With Health and Wellbeing Apps
During the warmer months of 2018 and 2019, my daily organic step count averaged over 12,000 steps a day. Frequently traveling in and out of London for client meetings, meeting up with colleagues or friends it was easy to rack up the steps, often choosing to walk rather than take the underground, bus or car. 
March 5, 2021
I was sentenced to a climate ASBO
Just a few years ago, you might have been forgiven for not really keeping up to date with the climate change conversation. You might have also been forgiven for throwing used batteries away in the trash, or leaving your old-fashioned incandescent lights on over night. Not anymore. Read about our latest project, Climate Court.
February 15, 2021
Did the FinTech Boom Leave Your Customers Wanting More?
Rapid Digitalisation Has Left Financial Service Customers Wanting More, More, More. According to Delloitte, 2008 saw the launch of 196 FinTech companies, growing to a total of more than 5,300 FinTech launches by in 2021. Statista’s numbers are even more eye-boggling, suggesting that by 2020 almost 21,000 FinTech companies had been created, globally.
January 20, 2021
How an Outpatient Concierge Could Help Healthcare Recover
This article is not about the pandemic, it is about what happens next. Whilst the healthcare systems are buckling, another crisis is building, waiting for the pandemic to subside - the non-urgent backlog. This article looks passed the emergencies of today, and gives a glimpse of how healthcare organisations and technology companies could take simple steps to prepare for the deluge of non-urgent cases, introducing the concept of the Outpatient Concierge.
January 4, 2021
The Hidden Cost of a Disengaged Workforce
Employee engagement has always been a hot topic, and something organisations strive to understand and improve. This is simply evidenced by the plethora of tips, tricks and articles offering advice you can find with a simple google search for “how to engage employees”. My search results in 440 million Google results. 
November 19, 2020
What does digital transformation mean to you?
If you’ve ever googled what digital transformation is, then you might well feel intimidated or overwhelmed. A lot of the time, people will tell you that digital transformation means reinventing your whole business, others will tell you to innovate or become extinct, and of course, there’s the relentless focus on new, new, new!
August 21, 2020
Building Apps Fast in 2020 🚀 Using React, React Native and Firebase 👊
We're rolling out iOS and Android apps in weeks not months! Using React Native and Firebase developers can now build complex web and mobile apps faster than ever before.
August 19, 2020
My Top 4 UI Design Applications
It's no secret that this day and age there are a vast amount of design tools you could use. All of them come with different approaches to solve the problems you may have. We are quite lucky in this industry because if someone has had a problem, it's likely the community has banded together to make a tool/plugin for it.
August 5, 2020
Designing for User Retention
Here at A Squared, we are experts in designing, developing, and launching world-class apps. How can we be certain that after launching users will continue to return to the apps we develop?
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