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Automation and digital transformation are at the heart of what we do. We develop apps and software with user experiences that enable our clients to succeed.

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We focus on the evolution of products and services through technology to solve problems and provide value to our clients.

We're highly motivated; 50% of our profits are shared back with our people based on your satisfaction with their work.

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We are a group of designers, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs highly motivated by the opportunities that technology brings.

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Our discovery team will help you to develop a clear understanding of the product, its users, required features and the desired user experience.
We have a team of experienced engineers who specialise in mobile app development, progressive web-apps and other software products.
Our design team will bring your ideas to life from sketching out the user experience to rapid prototyping and user interface design.
Our dedicated quality assurance and testing team deploys user acceptance and automated testing to ensure a high standard of product testing.

BP Passport

The challenge was to develop the most intuitive application for managing blood pressure, blood sugar levels and medicines for iOS and Android users. The application enables users with or without a physical BP Passport to manually input blood readings and track progression in their health.

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BP Passport

The intuitive and simple native mobile app to track blood pressure, blood sugar, and manage medicine reminders.

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Breathe ROTA

Breathe Rota enables you to make the shift from spreadsheets and wall charts to enable the streamlining of shift-planning and rota distribution. Breathe Rota is built, designed and optimised for time-pressured SME's.  You can create and share rotas with your team using this simple, effective and easy-to-use web and native mobile app.

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CEO, Breathe HR

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Peter Smith
CEO, Simple

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Sarah Lodge
COO, Jennis

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What does digital transformation mean to you?
Nov 19, 2020

If you’ve ever googled what digital transformation is, then you might well feel intimidated or overwhelmed. A lot of the time, people will tell you that digital transformation means reinventing your whole business, others will tell you to innovate or become extinct, and of course, there’s the relentless focus on new, new, new!

Building Apps Fast in 2020 🚀 Using React, React Native and Firebase 👊
Aug 21, 2020

We're rolling out iOS and Android apps in weeks not months! Using React Native and Firebase developers can now build complex web and mobile apps faster than ever before.

My Top 4 UI Design Applications
Aug 19, 2020

It's no secret that this day and age there are a vast amount of design tools you could use. All of them come with different approaches to solve the problems you may have. We are quite lucky in this industry because if someone has had a problem, it's likely the community has banded together to make a tool/plugin for it.

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